Is Maple Syrup Good for You?

Maple SyrupAdmit it, you can’t drastically scratch sugar out of daily food. Chocolates, brownies, cakes, candies, bubble tea, etc., have a great temptation that prevents us from a healthier life. All of them include 90% of white refined sugar that truly turns it into an enemy to destroy our nutritious balance, lead to hypertension, diabetes, depression, and even cancer.

The point is we all know the regrettable consequences of over-sugar on our body, but we must accompany them in peace. So, it’s time to find a true replacement that can satisfy us in sweetness but also is vigorous enough for long-term use. Let’s enter maple syrup!

It’s no doubt that sugary foods make up a large proportion of the diet. It tastes good, boosts the flavor, preserves the food life and texture. Maple syrup is a kind of sugary food as well. Many sweeteners notice that they are asked to pour a cup of maple syrup instead of adding more sugar. Are you interested in the reason behind it? Let’s take a glance at this article to understand “Is maple syrup good for you?” or not!

What’s maple syrup?

The definition

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener that is derived from the concentration of maple tree sap. Following Dr. Rupy Aujla from The Doctor’s Kitchen Blog, it is made up of 95 percent sucrose, which is a simple sugar combined between fructose and glucose. That means sugar-free but still has a similar biological effect as any other sugar, honey, molasses, or icing sugar.

The mention

According to Helen Thomas from the New York State Maple Association, maple syrup is not only fewer calories than honey, but also has a higher mineral concentration and valuable antioxidant property. On the other hand, many nutritionists highly recommend maple syrup due to its natural attribute.

Every single spoon of maple syrup contains rich nutrients like riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It’s truly a treasure from Mother Nature for us to stay healthy like a tree growing in the forest.

How maple syrup is made?

The procedure

As mentioned above, pure maple syrup is made by concentrating the sweet sap of maple trees. The method could be divided into 2 stages. The first stage is extracting the sap from sugar maple trees and the second stage is concentrating the sap into syrup. The golden time to start the season is at the end of winter, usually around late February or early March.

The tips

It’s hard to say the exact time but all experienced sugar-makers know while tapping the maple trees. The harvested trees are called sugar-bush or maple orchard. Each of them is set in a bucket or sap tubing system to ensure no wasting sap. The process is a loop of gathering, collecting, evaporating, and bottling.

The small fact

Afterward, maple sap is boiled down to make pure maple syrup. This traditional method which is also known as the Canadian ‘sugar shack’, comes from Canada where 71 percent of the world’s maple syrup is produced.

Surprising uses of maple syrup!

Sweet ingredient and savory dishes

For your dishes

Nowadays, no one eats pancakes and waffles without maple syrup on top for a better appetite. Taking a sip of maple syrup before going to the gym, you will feel the energetic impulse switching on your body. Also, you can eliminate white sugar gradually from your drinking habit by using maple syrup as a sweetener for your tea, coffee, lemonade, etc., Or even in salad and savory dishes, maple syrup will level up your diet standards.

For your cooking

Requiring no preparation, maple syrup is evaluated as a convenient ingredient in cooking. Drizzled on top of food, mixed in yogurt, and stirred into salad dressings, maple syrup shows its flexibility so far. You can also use it in recipes for sauces, cooking cream, and frostings. One famous recipe that you may know is incorporating maple syrup with a little butter, you can make maple cream and upgrade your simmered BBQ sauce.

For kitchen tips

Another useful tip from an experienced home-kitchen, maple syrup works great to brighten up roasted autumn veggies like pumpkin, avocado, and berries. For anyone who loves baking, let’s see maple syrup as a liquid sweetener and add them to the dough, and leave it to do the job.

Hair, Skin, and Body Masks

Have you ever imagined adding maple syrup into a beauty routine? Don’t be frightened, we don’t want to eat pancakes on your face. Maple syrup is full of antioxidants that are so excellent in nourishing your young smooth skin and silky hair.

For your skin

No need to spend a thousand dollars on toxic chemical products, just go to the kitchen and take some maple syrup. Then, mix it with your favorite oil bases like coconut oil or sesame oil, some plain oats, and brown sugar. Finally, gently massage this mixture all over your face as an exfoliating mask. You will have fresh skin and a glowing makeup foundation. This mask works for your body’s skin as well.

For your hair

For your dry hair, use the same oil base combined with a little maple syrup (minus oats and sugar above) to make a replenishing hair mask. Kindly wait around 15 minutes and enjoy smoother, softer skin from head-to-toe!

Impressive benefits of maple syrup

From the surprising use of maple syrup, you may guess what benefit that we are going to tell. Beauty and health are the important things that everyone cares about most. No one scares the stronger but everyone hates the weaker and sick. Beauty has the same story. That’s why people have tried to stay away from sugary productions, and constantly seek the alternation for white sugar.

Maple syrup vs Honey

Maple syrup is not a unique option. Many people use honey instead. It also includes energy, water, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and sugars like maple syrup. However, honey is evaluated to offer more calories than maple syrup. Besides, it is derived from animals, so that it might not be available for everybody who wants to cut down the calories in their diet and has a historical allergy. Therefore, maple syrup is still the best choice ever!

Let’s take a look at maple syrup’s beneficial effects on our body.

Antioxidant Potential: 24 various antioxidants help to protect your health conditions by neutralizing free radicals which cause diseases. Dark maple syrup has higher antioxidants compared to lighter ones.

Improves Heart Health: Zinc in maple syrup helps to give you a healthier heart. It enhances the performance of the endothelial cells and against damage of excess cholesterol and oxidized lipids so that your blood vessels are protected and cardiovascular diseases are prevented. 

Improves Male Reproductive Health: Consuming maple syrup helps maintain male reproductive health. Normally, a reduction in the level of minerals causes the risk of disorders. This is why men are advised to consume foods that contain the right amount of this mineral.

Strengthens Immune System: The lack of zinc and manganese minerals leads to the reduction of white blood cells and affects the response of the immune system. The only way to restore their level is by supplying these minerals.

To sum up

Once again, back to the issue “Is maple syrup good for us”. As you may know, the most common sugary product in the market is white sugar. Like suggestions from professional nutritionists, an adult should limit the sugar intake between 6 and 9 teaspoons per day, but most people consume closer to 22 teaspoons per day, multiple at least 2.5 times to the standard. The more sugar intakes the more disease comes. You do know how sugar makes us obese and age quickly.

Now, with the maple syrup, you will no longer worry about cardiovascular diseases and the immune system, not to mention antioxidant properties that protect the body from free radicals. So what are you waiting for in selecting a maple syrup bottle now? One last thing we would like to remind you: No need to say thanks to us because we are really afraid of the number of thanks letters after this article!