What Is Wild Rice

What Is Wild Rice? – Nutrient-rich Or Unhealthy Food?

In recent years, Wild Rice is a whole grain type that has incredibly growing popularity. It’s believed that wild rice is very nutritious and able to offer several health benefits. Even now we only know about wild rice through limited research, few studies have shown a great deal of promise. In this article, we will … Read more

Why is honey better than sugar

The Reason Why Honey is Better than Sugar

You can’t grow up without an intake of no sugar. The truth is you need sugar to survive. Like most things in life, sugar has its benefits that are good for your health, as long as you eat sugar in moderation. Imagining how you are exhausted after work or drained from exercise, sugar is truly … Read more

Are Sweet Potatoes Gluten Free

Are Sweet Potatoes Gluten Free

Ipomoea batatas, also known as the sweet potato, is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the morning glory family (or bindweed). This root vegetable is large, starchy, and sweet-tasting. It is no doubt that sweet potato is easy to cook, and it can sneak into any dish. From classic bowling to the unbelievable roasting method, … Read more

Maple Syrup

Is Maple Syrup Good for You?

Admit it, you can’t drastically scratch sugar out of daily food. Chocolates, brownies, cakes, candies, bubble tea, etc., have a great temptation that prevents us from a healthier life. All of them include 90% of white refined sugar that truly turns it into an enemy to destroy our nutritious balance, lead to hypertension, diabetes, depression, … Read more

Are Nuts Gluten Free

Are Nuts Gluten Free

Nuts are friends to every snack lover. No matter if you have healthy eating habits or not, hazelnuts or peanuts can always sneak into your party easily. Even though snacks like nuts are completely healthy for you and your loved ones, there are still some people who are suspicious before taking in the food products … Read more